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It's cold and silent at the call floor now. All that I hear are cars vrooming outside, on the busy highway. Once in a while I hear beeping jeepneys and an ambulance passing by. Only the hiss of my computer keeps me company.

My fingertips are starting to feel numb and rubbing my hands before placing in between my knees do not help. How could I ever forget my jacket?! Tssk!

Two hours from now about 5 agents will join me in this freezer room. But after a few minutes they will transfer to the Conference room because they have a training.

No calls yet. Nobody yet. And its the weekend. The schedule just came in and they need me tomorrow as well. So I go straight for 2 weeks! But that's not all. The bad news is (or should I say worse?), the schedule for next weekend is not definite.

Wow! What a way to start a campaign. I can just imagine the agents who will be assigned in doing this. I just hope they choose people who would not waste their time sleeping while waiting for calls to come in.

Well let's see... the client did not choose me to handle this if they didn't trust me. And besides, once I'm done training the new agents, the campaign will be given to another Manager. Then I'm back to my old sked.

OMG! No freaking way! What an eyesore!

Affected? Well, Honestly, I have only been to Paris once and I do not live there so I have no right to protest! But c'mon... I may be a tourist but I won't fly all across the globe just to see a golden M arching above the Louvre!

It's one thing to see McDonalds sprout like mushrooms everywhere but destroying the centuries old architectural beauty of a place for the sake of this junk is another.

Strangely, some French citizens do not see this as a big deal. Sad. Just sad.

Read the news at BBC

After 160 years, the great American writer Edgar Allan Poe is finally to be honoured with a decent funeral service.

Two hundred years after his death at age 40, Edgar Allan Poe is being properly honored with the funeral he should have been given years ago. When the author died October 7, 1849, his cousin, Neilson Poe, neglected to tell anyone. As a result, just a handful of people showed up at Poe's funeral in Baltimore, Maryland to pay tribute.

Tomorrow, at two different times, amends are being made in Baltimore. It's expected that 300 people will attend each of the TWO funerals being held Westminster Hall. The hall, which used to be church back in Poe's day, is next to the cemetery where he is buried. From the description of the building's Gothic architecture, it sounds like it would be a perfect setting for Poe's funeral even if Poe and his wife weren't already buried next to it.

Read the story at BBC

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First clown in space to advocate for water

Cirque du Soleil founder and soon to be "space tourist" Guy Laliberte will launch an art project promoting access to potable water for all. when he blasts off from the International Space Station.

The multimedia event is scheduled to start at 1200 GMT on October 9 and will touch 14 cities on five continents, he told a video press conference from Star City, Russia, where he has been training for his 12-day stay aboard the orbiting laboratory.

Read the rest of the story >>

So for those who fear clowns (lol), here's proof that they are nice too. And, I heard "Guy" is indeed a nice name for a clown...

The Philippine National RedCross released details on how people can donate using their official PayPal account last Sept. 30. Alot of people have donated already, but YOU are encouraged to continue giving much needed donations using the widget below (Proceeds go straight to the PNRC’s PayPal account: give@redcross.org.ph):

Help Spread the word!

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Worldwide, more than 2 million housing units per year are needed for the next 50 years to solve the present worldwide housing crisis. With our global population expanding, however, at the end of those 50 years, there would still be a need for another 1 billion houses.

Today, the UN World Habitat Day will be celebrated. Every year different activities are being done to help promote, donate, educate, and reach out to everyone that all of us deserves a good place to live in, no matter what race and entity, language you speak, color of the skin, culture and religion you have.

Please help us in spreading the word.

Storms hit the Philippines about 15 times a year. But just last weekend, the worse flood in 40 years hit the country and left hundreds dead, almost two million people affected and 80% of Manila was submerged.

Then Ondoy (local name) / Ketsana (international) traveled along the South Asian belt, leaving more people and countries devastated. And when you think that Ketsana is over, super typhoon Parma (international) / Pepeng (local) is currently over the Philippines, which made the President declare the whole country under a "State of Calamity"! And forced 10,000 families flee from their houses at Albay due to volcanic mudflow raised by the waters from the Mayon volcano.

After leaving the country, Ketsana passed Vietnam where more than 30 people were killed and almost 200,000 people fled their homes. Then it went to Cambodia, where reports of about 20 killed. Now, it's battering Laos and adding more to the death poll.

But Ketsana is not the only storm and disaster that occurred in just a span of 7 days. An earthquake hit Samoa which resulted to a tsunami that killed 129 people and another earthquake shook Indonesia killing thousands.

And that's not all...

Three days of torrential rains have killed at least 125 in India and affecting thousands. And just today, heavy rains triggered a mudslide in Italy which killed and injured more than 50 people.

Times like these, the only ones we can blame are ourselves. What have we done to our planet, to our only home?

Our Mother Nature is crying and shaking us to wake up! It's time for us to open our eyes to the destruction we are creating in our world. It's time for us to change! It's time for us to save our planet... and our future...

... to know some people who can't even spare a little. Please bear with me as I pour my sentiments out here today... comments are welcome, pro or con.

I know it's awkward to ask help from a person who's also a victim of the Ondoy flood. But when a relative from overseas was able to gather a huge amount of donation, I would like to ask, does it mean it's only for one household?

I know somebody in this case where a relative was able to send almost 100,000php cash to someone who's house was flooded chest deep. Luckily, they have a second floor thus, they were able to save most of their appliances and things except for the heavy ones that they can't carry.

On another hand, I constantly hear horrible stories from colleagues and friends. And seeing the news from both online and on TV, I can't help but compare the magnitude of devastation.

The only major thing that this household lost was one car, submerged halfway in muddy water. Most people would totally replace such a loss. And practically, that donation is not enough to replace one. But honestly, would you think about just getting ONE CAR with this amount?

I am volunteering in a feeding mission and our group aims to feed about 400 people in one day. But the amount we have is not even half close to that donation (mentioned above), but I was advised NOT to ask from them. And this, I can't understand WHY!??!!

These 400 people have totally lost EVERYTHING! And need to start from ZERO. This is just ONE house, compared to hundreds!

The person who advised me said, "it's the principle behind it." WHAT Principle?!? Which one??? And what happened to the Principle of GIVING?

one car vs a hundred houses...

I am not asking them to save the world, but please people... if you are lucky, it won't hurt to share a bit of your blessings.

photo credits (in order): magnifique faith,
PIDC Toronto Y,
ilovestrawberries (Carmi)


If you have a Facebook account, you can also connect here.

And speaking of online tv, a colleague of mine gave me a site where you can actually choose from the Major local networks and watch them on your pc. This is handy for those traveling with their laptops. And even Pinoys abroad who can only see TFC (The Filipino Channel) Here's a better alternative: pinoycable.tk

Typhoon Ondoy (west of Philippines) just swept Metro Manila and Luzon, now a new developing typhoon is about to form, (east of Philippines) Read updates at PAGASA

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