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All Blogger templates have the Nofollow attribute built into their comments. This is done to discourage comment spam. However you can, especially if you are a new blogger, encourage people to comment on your blog by removing this attribute. The Nofollow attribute instructs the search spiders not to follow the link thus preventing the spread of "Google Juice"...........

You can encourage people to comment on your blog once they recognize that links in comments are being followed. To discourage spam enable comment moderation in your Settings---->Comments. Also put a prominent text widget in your sidebar proclaiming that links in your comments are followed by the search bots. This will act as a freebait by sharing your link juice with fellow bloggers.


To do this login to dashboard and click on layouts of your blog. Then click on Edit Html subtab of Template tab. First backup your template by clicking on the Download Full Template link. Put a check in the Expand Widgets Template Checkbox at the top of the Edit Template text box. This expands the Blog Posts Widget Code within which is the comments code. Then press Ctrl+F and find:

Delete the words in red in the above code : rel='nofollow' and save the template.


Click on Add Page Element link in sidebar on Page Elements subtab of Template tab. Choose Text widget and add following text in it :

Comments on this blog are made DOFOLLOW for the Google Spiders.
Comments are moderated.
Spam will not be tolerated.

(And you can always add the U comment I follow badge too!)

Save the widget and place it in a prominent position in your sidebar.


Great to see that you blog is now dofollow.

Thanks! I think it would be beneficial to both this blog and its visitors... so thank you too for being the first one to comment!

Hey, do you really want to do it?!
Make sure you’re really determined not to complain later that you’re just fed up with that spammy comments! Thanks for sharing this post so very much.

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