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... to know some people who can't even spare a little. Please bear with me as I pour my sentiments out here today... comments are welcome, pro or con.

I know it's awkward to ask help from a person who's also a victim of the Ondoy flood. But when a relative from overseas was able to gather a huge amount of donation, I would like to ask, does it mean it's only for one household?

I know somebody in this case where a relative was able to send almost 100,000php cash to someone who's house was flooded chest deep. Luckily, they have a second floor thus, they were able to save most of their appliances and things except for the heavy ones that they can't carry.

On another hand, I constantly hear horrible stories from colleagues and friends. And seeing the news from both online and on TV, I can't help but compare the magnitude of devastation.

The only major thing that this household lost was one car, submerged halfway in muddy water. Most people would totally replace such a loss. And practically, that donation is not enough to replace one. But honestly, would you think about just getting ONE CAR with this amount?

I am volunteering in a feeding mission and our group aims to feed about 400 people in one day. But the amount we have is not even half close to that donation (mentioned above), but I was advised NOT to ask from them. And this, I can't understand WHY!??!!

These 400 people have totally lost EVERYTHING! And need to start from ZERO. This is just ONE house, compared to hundreds!

The person who advised me said, "it's the principle behind it." WHAT Principle?!? Which one??? And what happened to the Principle of GIVING?

one car vs a hundred houses...

I am not asking them to save the world, but please people... if you are lucky, it won't hurt to share a bit of your blessings.

photo credits (in order): magnifique faith,
PIDC Toronto Y,
ilovestrawberries (Carmi)


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