Tales from a Team Lead

The Call Center Chronicles


Really awesome blog. I enjoyed reading review of "Weather Watch " etc. I found that you really update
your site regularly that made me more interesting. I've bookmarked your site for my future use.
Thank you
sagar rai
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hey this is really good.........\,,,/

hey i would like to hear more about the call center experiences......i have worked in one as a tech support......

you should write about the funny instances.....

oh sadly, recently, the things outside the office has a much greater impact on me thus, i blog about it. but of course i will write about my experiences at work too. that's why i made this blog in the first place. 8) if you like to read my past posts too, you can see i write mostly of work stuff. thanks for droppin by! 8)

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I work in a Call Center. My daily life includes coffee, aspirins, coffee, my love life, my family, more coffee, my friends, blogging, even more coffee, insomnia, dreams and daydreaming and oh.. yes,
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