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It's cold and silent at the call floor now. All that I hear are cars vrooming outside, on the busy highway. Once in a while I hear beeping jeepneys and an ambulance passing by. Only the hiss of my computer keeps me company.

My fingertips are starting to feel numb and rubbing my hands before placing in between my knees do not help. How could I ever forget my jacket?! Tssk!

Two hours from now about 5 agents will join me in this freezer room. But after a few minutes they will transfer to the Conference room because they have a training.

No calls yet. Nobody yet. And its the weekend. The schedule just came in and they need me tomorrow as well. So I go straight for 2 weeks! But that's not all. The bad news is (or should I say worse?), the schedule for next weekend is not definite.

Wow! What a way to start a campaign. I can just imagine the agents who will be assigned in doing this. I just hope they choose people who would not waste their time sleeping while waiting for calls to come in.

Well let's see... the client did not choose me to handle this if they didn't trust me. And besides, once I'm done training the new agents, the campaign will be given to another Manager. Then I'm back to my old sked.


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