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Storms hit the Philippines about 15 times a year. But just last weekend, the worse flood in 40 years hit the country and left hundreds dead, almost two million people affected and 80% of Manila was submerged.

Then Ondoy (local name) / Ketsana (international) traveled along the South Asian belt, leaving more people and countries devastated. And when you think that Ketsana is over, super typhoon Parma (international) / Pepeng (local) is currently over the Philippines, which made the President declare the whole country under a "State of Calamity"! And forced 10,000 families flee from their houses at Albay due to volcanic mudflow raised by the waters from the Mayon volcano.

After leaving the country, Ketsana passed Vietnam where more than 30 people were killed and almost 200,000 people fled their homes. Then it went to Cambodia, where reports of about 20 killed. Now, it's battering Laos and adding more to the death poll.

But Ketsana is not the only storm and disaster that occurred in just a span of 7 days. An earthquake hit Samoa which resulted to a tsunami that killed 129 people and another earthquake shook Indonesia killing thousands.

And that's not all...

Three days of torrential rains have killed at least 125 in India and affecting thousands. And just today, heavy rains triggered a mudslide in Italy which killed and injured more than 50 people.

Times like these, the only ones we can blame are ourselves. What have we done to our planet, to our only home?

Our Mother Nature is crying and shaking us to wake up! It's time for us to open our eyes to the destruction we are creating in our world. It's time for us to change! It's time for us to save our planet... and our future...


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