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...you need to suggest an aptitude test. And the result will determine if a training or crash course is needed to avoid the same scenario to happen again. Or at least, save other people from embarrassing themselves. Especially if he is your immediate superior.

But in cases that such an exam is impossible to organize, due to your superiors refusal to accept advices from their agents, another suggestion is... to just backup your files before sending it to the person who messed up your former files.

And don't forget to give a bottle of Gerber while he works on it. The 100% real Gerber fruit puree made with whole grains, helps support brain & eye development. LOL

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I would tolerate chitchatting over sleeping anytime! And this, I am pertaining to the Agents at my work and not myself. Boy, do I love to sleep instead of work at night! Although I do not see myself doing anything else other than what I'm doing in my current job. As of the moment. *wink*

And you know what they say, "you gotta love what you do to have to do it every day."

And sleeping over chatting? Well, wake up calls from the love of my life would not ruin any beauty sleep for me. I just hope I can immediately pull myself up easier like years ago. I think I'm just getting old.

Anyway, in connection with chitchatting, here, I added a new blog feature. The Cbox! (short for chatbox) where a quick message can be dropped anytime! Although I would recommend leaving a comment on a blog post if the message is pertaining to a certain post.

So let's see in the coming days if passersby just look and click by. I just promise this, if you leave a comment (be it at a post or the CBox, I will surely visit your blog too!)

Check out my new ChitChat Box over at my sidebar and say Hi!

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LOL! Too bad I missed this SONA (State of the Nanay Address) by "President Goria Makasakal Arrovo" last week! And can't find a vid at youtube. A good laugh would not hurt, right?

"Nanay", by the way, is the Tagalog for "Mother". Filipinos are known to always have something to laugh about despite pressing problems... Read the story at GMA news.

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28 July 2008

26 July 2009

What happened within the year? Did the Nation change? Did the Government improve? What happened with the P1.227 trillion pesos budget of 2008? Are promises just promises? What about you, what did you do? Think about it.

photo source: Flickr's Sona Rally 2008 and 2009

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For those who can't go to the SONA, and would like to see the "behind the scenes" of the event, go to the BAYAN - Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (New Patriotic Alliance) official website and click the live stream.

Go to http://www.bayan.ph/

I'm not into Reality TV, but this is the real "real world", and not just a show to be broadcasted on TV or the net for the sake of commercialism.

Last Sunday night, before the SONA, I witnessed them paint the effigy of Gloria and if you click now, and if you're in time, you may watch the SONA itself. Live!

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Just got the mail last night. Read below:

The National Capital Regional Police Office (NCRPO) released a traffic rerouting advisory for the 9th State of the Nation Address (SONA) of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo on July 27, 2009

The northbound lane of Commonwealth Avenue, starting from Ever Gotesco Mall area until after the Commission on Audit (COA) building, will be closed to traffic starting 6 a.m., with exception for those who will attend the SONA.

The southbound lane, meanwhile, will still be open, but authorities will provide a lane for the counter-flow of vehicles heading towards the Batasan Pambansa Complex, from the front of JOCFER Building to the U-turn slot after St. Peter’s Church.

Other southbound motorists may also take the same entry point in front of JOCFER Building and can exit at the U-turn slot in front of the COA Bldg.

The rerouting scheme has been designed to provide as much space to motorists along Commonwealth Avenue.

The NCRPO advised the public to take alternative routes in going to Fairview and other destinations toward the north like Quirino Avenue and the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX).

For those living or travelling to the affected areas, please plan your routes accordingly.

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Last week I chanced upon a talk show where two doctors from top hospitals here in Manila were interviewed. The topic was about sleep and sleeping disorders. Too bad I didn't saw it from the start.

I sent a text message for a question but I'm not sure if it was live or a replay. So my question was not read on tv. Anyway, here are some pointers that I remember and wanna share.

+ Sleeping is like eating, so don't skip it - It's bad for your health if you skip meals and so does sleeping. Most cases, whenever you skip sleeping or you sleep way past your bed time, you have a hard time falling asleep.

I told this to a colleague a few days ago and she then realized that when she's awake more than 24 hours and tries to sleep, she's having a hard time falling asleep. It's like in Filipino terms, "nalipasan ng gutom".

+ Doctors recommend sleeping from 4 to 9 hours only - In eating, having a diet is good but depriving your body of nutrients is not. And eating too much is also unhealthy. This is the same with sleeping. It is bad for your health to sleep too little or sleep too much.

+ Do not drink water before you sleep - Drinking water will only cause you to wake up in the middle of the night (or in my case, day) because of the urge to go to the toilet. Then most people tend to have a hard time falling asleep again after this.

+ Use your bedroom ONLY for sleeping - It is helpful to train your body and mind that when you go to your bedroom you only sleep. This is quite hard to do, especially if you have a small house. Like me, I have my computer right next to my bed, and most of us have a TV in our bedroom too.

+ Make your bedroom as cozy as possible - Less noise and less light helps us to relax. So totally getting rid of them would be a big plus. Unfortunately for day-sleepers like me the sun is up so it's almost impossible to have a dark room. My solution is to cover my already dark curtains with a thick blanket and use eye covers. I would like to have ear plugs too, but I can't seem to find any in stores here. My honey have them and I would love to try using a pair myself.

I know there are more tips that I forgot and even more that I did not see. But it was good to see that show coz now I know that there are sleep doctors here in the Philippines. the reason why I'm interested in this is because I have insomnia for years and I wanna avoid resorting to medication to cure it.

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If you're from Manila, you may have noticed various flags since yesterday. And as the SONA comes near, a few more may be seen, not to mention on the day of the SONA itself.

Today, as I was riding a cab on my way home, I heard the news on the radio that Cory Aquino's cancer has reached the 4th stage and may say goodbye to all living things soon. The hospital where she is confined, Makati Medical Center, as well as nearby places, is filled with yellow flags and banners. This is to show support for the Aquino family that they are not alone in praying for Cory.

On Monday, Commonwealth Avenue will be filled with banners and flags as protesters and activist groups carrying them will walk the long road until they reach the Batasang Pambansa. All because of the SONA or State of the Nation Address by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

But the SONA is not the only event on Monday that will fill the long avenue. It is also Iglesia ni Cristo Day. This is in celebration of the 95th founding anniversary of INC.

It is always super traffic during these two days, so just imagine a combination of both events! Tssk!

But speaking of "combination", since everytime there is a SONA, it is declared a Special Non-Working Holiday and should be "double pay", and the INC Day is also a Special Working Holiday and should also be "double pay". Do we get 4x pay on July 27 then?



Last Wednesday, I witnessed the solar eclipse just in front of my house. What my neighbors thought was bizarre is not the eclipse, but a girl who almost never goes out of her house. Who, they sometimes only see walk on the street past their bed time or early morning to either go somewhere or go home. And now right there, standing on the sidewalk taking photos of the sun.

But I didn't care what they thought, even if I sometimes whisper or smile or giggle to myself. I went out and stood on the street exactly at 8:33am, and went in and out my house every 5 minutes to take a photo.

Sadly, my digital cam failed me coz I am having problems with it for the past months. When I took a couple of shots, the previews were either all black or too bright. It was practically impossible to use anymore. So what I used was my Nokia mobile phone.

I took 90 shots. Yes, you read it right, Ninety! Once almost every 5 minutes until the peak at 9:45 am. A few shots after that and last one was a few minutes before 11:00 am.

But unlike the photo above, the results were not as clear. I so envy the cameras of those who were able to take a good clear shot of it! I basically did not see the whole process with my naked eyes, and I did not have the materials to make a pinhole camera thingy (whatever that gadget to use to see an eclipse is called). I just wore my darkest shades, didn't look up when I took shots and only looked up when it is cloudy.

To my surprise, I would prefer the times when a heavy cloud passes by! Coz soon as the clouds roll over and gradually reveal the sun, a glimpse of the eclipse is seen! And I can see it without any gadget! It was so AMAZING!

I know I know, I shouldn't have done it. But here I am, I can still see and not blind! My eyes didn't feel hurt even, just maybe a little tired but not because of looking at the short glimpses but because I was up all night at work and been awake for more than 20 hours!

My mom asked about this "weird things that I fancy" and added if I "gained anything from doing it". I said, it was a beautiful natural phenomenon that I would only see a few times in my life and is something worth waiting for. Besides, the last eclipse that I vaguely remember seeing was when I was a little girl and we used to live in a very small house and it was only me and my mom who were sitting by the backyard looking up one windy night. I asked her if it was during sunset or night. She can't remember.

Now, that's why I wanna take a photo of it, so I won't forget. Besides, I am a person who is very patient in waiting for something worth waiting for.

photo credits:
above: "Partial solar eclipse of July 22, 2009 -- Manila" by: landscapist
lower right: "Partial solar eclipse 2009 july 22, 45km north of manila" by: gud0

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I simply can't believe it! Our new healthcard ID's just came in with the handbooks and list of accredited hospitals. But to my surprise, my hospital is not in the list!!!

WHAT?? And we are not talking about just a regular hospital, but one of the top ones in the country too!! Geesh! What kinda card is this??

All my doctors are from this certain hospital and all my relatives go here too, as this is the only one we trust and feel comfy with. I basically won't get lost there and I know the major clinics too! Our old card is affiliated there, and that is the hospital I was rushed to, when I had an accident. We were doing fine with the old card, my brother's office even have the same provider.

Waah! And I have an appointment with my dentist next month! Now since the hospital is not accredited, I doubt if any doctor from there would be.

So a colleague asked me what's all the fuss, I can just reimburse what I paid. Yeah Right! And as if that won't take weeks if not months(!) to get!

Oh well, nothing else to do but sign it, accept it, and just move on with my life, hoping that I won't need to go to a hospital for a year (or at least when they change providers).

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Yes, the Big Boss from the other side of the world have come to pay us a visit. No, it was not a surprise, but a short notice indeed.

Well, nothing to hide on my part. But boy do I know people who have trembling knees! I heard that she will be constantly monitoring the new campaign.

I am confident with the agents assigned there of course, I had my share of suggestions too, but with the system error they are getting... Tsk Tsk!

I just hope they won't assign my cube again to be "borrowed" during her stay. Let's see in the coming days...

Ahrg! I can't sleep! I have work tonight! And I only have 3 hours left for sleep!

No, it's not my insomnia, it's the stupid NOISY Neighbors!



I already called the security guard of our subdivision to please tell them to lower it down or SHUT UP!

Few years back my solution was to open mine too but only with enough volume to override what I hear, close my windows and open the buzzing aircon! But that won't work now, I NEED PEACE AND QUIET!

Waaaahh.... few more weeks and I'm off this noisy place! *Holding on...

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A few weeks from now, I'd be in hiatus for a month. I'm off for a vacation in a cold place but I will try to post or at least visit the blogosphere as often as I can. Things may be pretty busy then so I am not sure, but my absence here doesn't mean I will not return.

Last time I was in the other side of the word, I was not prepared for the cold. The jackets I brought were not enough that I needed a coat over it to prevent me from freezing. And boy do I look like a penguin! LOL

And now that I know how below 10 degrees really meant, I should go there prepared and not look like a 12 year old being dressed by her dad. lol And I must admit, I am not that tall!

One of my cousins just lent me her coat today. It was a leather coat sent by her mom from the US which she never wore here in the Philippines, for obvious reasons. It was a size small but thankfully it fits. I just hope I can still wear enough clothes under it in case it gets too cold.

Although I'm still hunting for a nicer coat, coz I'm really not into leather. It's just too difficult to find one here! Ahrg. I wanted to find something like this:

If you're from Manila, would you happen to know where to buy a coat?

Catchy title huh? Unfortunately, the new health card that my office switched to recently did not help.

My colleague who was brought to the ER yesterday was not properly examined because the hospital "cannot contact our health card provider". (I shall not mention the name of the company nor the hospital, to avoid being promoted in search engines - and this blog getting hits from them too) Turns out, that they are not open 24 hours and the contact numbers were all just RNA's (CC term for phone's just ringing, with no answer).

Soon as they were there, the ER staff had to check the provider first, validate the identity, before even giving the patient a space to rest on. Then soon after the hospital staff realized that it's not possible, they just gave him some meds and asked for a urine sample (that the patient needs to pay first before doing so). Then despite vomiting blood, the patient was released. Just like that!

Strange! And I am simply appalled by this!

The patient then had no choice but to just go home with the doctor's prescription even if he is still not feeling well and totally clueless of what just happened.


But hopefully on Saturday, they will go to another hospital (and a better one at that) and get the proper treatment that he deserves!

I recommended the hospital that I went to when I had my accident.

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One of my colleges was brought to the hospital just now because he vomited blood. His wife was excused and given permission to go with him. They are both my friends and I pray that he will be okay. I hope that it's nothing serious. Please pause for a few seconds to pray for him too....

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I don't think it's the server at work. But earlier today, the site works. I was even able to drop some cards. Strangely, soon as I tried to logged in a few minutes ago, I am redirected to this page:

The widget is working fine though. Is Entrecard down? When will they come back? What will happen with our credits?

I hope this is just a glitch.

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“Everyone has an invisible sign hanging from their neck saying, Make me feel important.
Never forget this message when working with people.”
~ Mary Kay Ash

Shadow Dancer by Mozambique - Moments

...although sometimes, it won't hurt to feel invisible once in a while. That's the time you can do what you want when you want it, and accomplish things on your own way.

...she lays down and think. Little sheep jumping over the fence. Growing with each jump. One grows up with a colored fur, few grew up with glasses. A couple more with tin foils on their mouths. One jumps in glee with a crown, and the other a scarf and a tiara. Ten. Ten sheep moving about.

TEN. Ten and a half hours of the day spent at work. An hour for traveling. Half an hour for walking. An hour for bathing and fixing yourself. Four to Five hours of sleep. One and a half hours of thinking or writing or reading a book or all three, a couple more hours for blogging. An hour of eating divided into three. Half an hour to keep your room or house tidy. An hour to talk to your friends or family, or a stranger. Sum it up, 24.

Have you done something good for yourself today? Have you done something good for others today? Is it true that how you spend your day would reflect how you spend your life?

Here's one last thought to ponder upon:
"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give." ~ Winston Churchill

This week, I lack sleep. And I was looking forward to this weekend to catch up with the hours that my body needed to rejuvenate. Unfortunately, that is not possible.

Yesterday, after our 2-hour overtime, I just got home to take a quick shower and went straight to meet my sister. We met near her work and ate lunch in a Japanese resto. I was not in the mood for raw fish (was I ever though?) so I just went for a tempura and asparagus wrapped in bacon. It was a fine lunch that ended up with a blizzard ice cream from DQ. Then we went to met her doctor.

It was a nice day with my sis, but my left arm is still heavy from the vaccine yesterday afternoon. My sister's doctor is offering a discount on the HPV (Cervical Cancer). So we got our shots and the next will be a month from now then the last one will be on January of next year.

Last night my team had to work but I was required to come in today with them. Good thing coz I don't wanna work while my arm is aching. But when I got home the night passed by so quickly that the sleep I had felt it was not enough. We woke up early to help out with my brother's party.

Today was a busy day and I wanted to skip the party and sleep, but my family requested me to help out. I had no choice but to go. And I was only able to sleep at 5:00 to 7:30pm.

Wow, 2 and a half hours and I do not feel sleepy at all! I really wonder how I survived this for the past 4 years and if I can still in the coming years.

One sunny morning, amidst a flourishing forest of figs,
a bunny came hopping~ beneath the due drops of the trees.

Poor tired bunny
skipping hopping passing by,
thinking dreaming of her cozy burrow
beneath the green grassy fields where she could lie.

A night of digging carrots
for her baby kits waiting at home
talking to other rabbits from far across the globe.

While on her way to her borrow
poor tired little bunny
slip slide down a hole!
And broke her chin and broke her toe!

But oh scary big rabbits!
from the carrot digging fraw
do not wanna help o'ur -
poor tired little Zoe!

And Zoe the bunny went bleeding sobbing
to hug her little kits.
As sun down and sun up
and countless night of sore passed by so quick.

"I cannot lay here and do nothing!"
thought the poor weary little bunny,
so off she went back to the forest
the flourishing forest of figs!

She went there and peeped
almost begging sincerely asking
for the carrots that is rightfully hers
and hers only for keeps.

Alas! The scary big rabbits!
outside the carrot digging hole
was waiting for her to knock on
their doors made of stone.
They kicked her out because of her
broken chin and broken toe!

You are of no use to us anymore!

So they grab her neck they grab her ears
and they hold her til her death.

And poor tired little bunny was nowhere to be heard of since then.

~THE END (?)~

"The Tale of the rabbit who was deprived of hopping"
original story written, © Miss Zee, 09.10.09
Dedicated to a Fierce Rabbit named F.R.G.

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First day back at work. And boy am I in for a surprise or what?!

When I sat down my desk, my chair was awkwardly high, papers on my desk were disarranged and posts on my cork board were misaligned. Some of my colored pens were missing as well as my masking tape! Hmm, maybe they will surface later, I thought.

Soon as I tried to log-in on my PC, my password was not being accepted. After several attempts, typing it slow or double clicking the Caps Lock and Num Lock were useless. So I called for assistance, and I learned that they reset my PC to the default password. Oh well. I'm still all smiles.

But then, when I tried to open my email, my password was not being accepted again. And after another call for assistance, they do not know what caused this and they can't access my email too. So they resorted to reset my password to the default key once more.

But boy, that didn't stop there.

So I was able to log-in on my PC, read my mails, sent some replies, deleted the useless "reply to all" mails from people who I do not know why they need to CC their replies to me and all the other spam crap...

I thought the first phase of my day was over, but no. When my boss asked me to call a customer with a long list of complaints, I need to request him to email us the list of his complaints so it will be dealt with "quickly".

But when I went to my desk and checked my Bookmarks Menu to log-in the CS email, all my bookmarks were gone! Now, since I haven't opened the CS email for weeks I tried to remember what's the link to the domain. And of course, I just need to go back a few months on my work inbox to see the client's email. He gave me the url and the password to use before.



Oh wow! My inbox ONLY contains mails from April 2009 onwards!

My boss does not know the password! Apparently, he does not have a copy of that email too.

The client is not answering her phone!

Then suddenly, somebody was caught sleeping!

It's my job to catch these people but since I was so busy with the email thingy, I was not able to switch on my eyes at the back of my head! Then the boss called on me and the other team lead (who was on break during the time the agent was asleep).

To make the long story short, the email is not the priority. The agents are. So, I dropped the case and didn't call the customer and just sat next to the agents and listened to their calls.

End of shift. I went home. Checked and sent personal mails, and my honey replied to me saying:

Please dont get too stressed or too angry ok you cant make up in
one day when you where not there for two weeks and nobody can't expect that too. So just try to be calm.

Okay... *sigh* I would do that now. On to Adgitize! LOL

It's always good to have someone to breathe in with the things that frustrate you...

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“Never look backwards or you'll fall down the stairs.”
~Rudyard Kipling

Oia, Santorini, Greece

by palindrome6996

One of the places where I wanna visit... in this lifetime. Oh, and yeah, minus the "falling down the stairs" again. I'd rather fall only once in this lifetime. *wink

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One Month! Ha!

Happy ONE month to this blog!

and Monthsary to my Honey!

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I woke up in the dead of night. Silence enveloped my room. I felt shivers through my skin and realized my blanket fell to the floor. The aircon is still open proving that the timer did not work. I looked at my mobile phone next to my blanket which I usually use more as an alarm clock than a communication device. It was exactly 12:33am.

I stood up, opened the fan and closed the aircon, remembering that in my boyfriend's house they do not use an air conditioner, but a heater. What time is it in their side of the hemisphere? Is he cooking dinner, watching the telly or reading a great novel? Maybe he's playing his guitar. Four more hours and he will call to wake me up, so I laid back on my bed and tried to continue my slumber.

Tossing and turning, I remembered the papers that I need to fetch from a friend. I could pick it up tomorrow after her work, err, that would be about 6 to 7 hours from now. So I picked up my phone again, but this time to sms her. Their break will start 30 minutes from now and I better be awake and wait for the reply. Then I would know what I'd do in the morning.

Tomorrow evening I'd be going back to work. Two weeks have passed and I wasn't even able to draw or paint anything for my Honey. I used to write poems for him too but the whisperings in my head have stopped. Or maybe I was just too busy at work to listen to them that my mind got immune to their words. I lost count of the days when my writer's block started. Maybe it was less than a year ago, over, or even double. On second thought, I am starting to write again... in this blog.

Today, I finally finished a third of the book he gave me, "Three Tales" by Gustave Flaubert. Thanks to lightning and thunder who kept me away from my computer. Sometimes I feel like Felicite, who cares of nothing but her work and her beliefs that her happiness is not focused on satisfying herself, but others. But sometimes I envy her simplicity that a simple joy of a companion to talk to is all she needs, even if it would be a parrot.

Now I wonder... Why am I still keeping this blog from the love of my life? Even I, do not know the answer. If he finds this I know I do not need to be ashamed because I never really kept anything from him. And there's nothing new to discover here anyway. I meant this blog to be a surprise on our monthssary but it's been a month now and I have posted alot already. I don't want him to feel that I am keeping him away from my thoughts. Although he is a person who respects my privacy and insists that I should never tell him any of my passwords.

He used to be my "stalker" too. He's the first one to read my posts (on my other blogs), he finds out new blogs that I create and even prints my poems and tries to decipher them. He loves to read and I was his novel; his poet; his artist. I remember making great pieces from the only available materials that I have. I never really studied art and do not have any real mediums available. So he gave me real oil, expensive canvass paper and brushes, which I haven't really used yet. I don't know why but I feel afraid to use them and disappoint him with the outcome. Although I know he always supports me and I can make whatever I want.

A few days back he encouraged me to write again. He always reminds me to read my books or watch the DVD's he gave me. He would love to know that I spend at least a few minutes each day to be creative again. Paint or draw or just read one poem at least once a day. Of course he respects my decisions and he never forced me to do anything I do not like. But I really do not know why my creative juices suddenly froze.

He asked me to write at least a diary. So I smiled and suggested an online journal. But his notion was he's always doubtful of people online. Some people tend to be too honest. And I know what he meant by this. But he also joked that I would probably fall asleep writing on a diary. (Ha!) Although he mentioned about some who write under pseudonyms. (Hmm.. like now?)

Tomorrow is not only this blog's monthssary but also ours. So I'm thinking ...should I tell him about this then or still keep it as my private diary (that is actually open to the rest of the world) Oh! The irony.

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While everyone in the States are having a "blast", away from work, out for the weekend with the family or having BBQ's and watching fireworks with some friends, some people are stuck at work and are obliged to work.

I just learned from one of my colleagues that they were required to work over the weekend and continue calling. We don't normally work on a weekend and usually, during the 4th of July, we do not either. But strangely, this year, we do. Maybe this is the "storm" that I mentioned on my other post. And I feel a bit guilty that I am not there to support them. Well, we don't really celebrate America's Independence here in the Philippines and to work on a weekend is ok. But I can now just imagine the irate people who receives their calls on a holiday such as these! Well I can't say that the bosses do not know that, they are living there!

What would hurt me though is that, after my substitute sends out his reports to them, he gets an automatic response from the client saying "Thank you for the email but I am away for the weekend... blah blah". Ouch! And just a reminder, that last Philippine Independence Day, we also have to work!

So here I am waiting for an sms from my local boss if he would require me or even ask me if I can report for work on Sunday night. But lol who am I kidding? He did not even ask me how I am doing and what happened to me. Duh.

Should I text them and volunteer? Well if I do they might accuse me of just being there coz its an overtime pay and not a change of work schedule. And where am I the whole week?

Oh well... as the running gag with my brother and I goes... when he asks "Who cares?" I always reply: "The care bears!"

So for those who required people to come to work while they sit on their houses eating BBQ and watching fireworks, I wish them:

Something to ponder upon:
“Life without liberty is like a body without spirit.” - Kahlil Gibran

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And I'm off to the hospital again today...


When will it ever stop?

Maybe next week!?

Alas! I shall be right back for updates...

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All Blogger templates have the Nofollow attribute built into their comments. This is done to discourage comment spam. However you can, especially if you are a new blogger, encourage people to comment on your blog by removing this attribute. The Nofollow attribute instructs the search spiders not to follow the link thus preventing the spread of "Google Juice"...........

You can encourage people to comment on your blog once they recognize that links in comments are being followed. To discourage spam enable comment moderation in your Settings---->Comments. Also put a prominent text widget in your sidebar proclaiming that links in your comments are followed by the search bots. This will act as a freebait by sharing your link juice with fellow bloggers.


To do this login to dashboard and click on layouts of your blog. Then click on Edit Html subtab of Template tab. First backup your template by clicking on the Download Full Template link. Put a check in the Expand Widgets Template Checkbox at the top of the Edit Template text box. This expands the Blog Posts Widget Code within which is the comments code. Then press Ctrl+F and find:

Delete the words in red in the above code : rel='nofollow' and save the template.


Click on Add Page Element link in sidebar on Page Elements subtab of Template tab. Choose Text widget and add following text in it :

Comments on this blog are made DOFOLLOW for the Google Spiders.
Comments are moderated.
Spam will not be tolerated.

(And you can always add the U comment I follow badge too!)

Save the widget and place it in a prominent position in your sidebar.

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