Tales from a Team Lead

The Call Center Chronicles

1. thirdworldgeek - 19 drops (sent 296 credits)
2. Mercenary Blogger - 16 drops (sent 160 credits)
3. Philippines Travel Blog - 15 drops (sent 414 credits)
4. JoeTaxpayer - 11 drops (sent 86 credits)
5. blogging tips by goyz - 9 drops (sent 146 credits)
6. The Puncher's Chance - 9 drops (sent 274 credits)
7. Research - 6 drops (sent 140 credits)
8. The Way I See It - 6 drops (sent 1,036 credits)
9. Yashiro - 6 drops (sent 44 credits)
10.Funky Town Disco Music - 5 drops (sent 266 credits)

Thanks to all those who have visited this blog during my vacation and since I was back.

And although I only received a few EC drops during this period, to show my appreciation, I am giving back the credits x2 to my top 10 droppers! Meaning, if you dropped by 5x during this month, I will give you 10credits.

Plus, I will buy a day's ad too!

For those who do not know what an EC Drop is, I encourage you to sign up at entrecard!

But no worries, the next top 10 will also get their credits back and I will double it too. Watch out by the first week of November for those who won the credits!


Just dropped but it looks hard to make the list.

lol Steve I don't get much visits lately because I do not have much time blogging and visiting blogs as often as I used to, so just drop by mor than 5 times this month and I bet you get to be in the top ten. 8)

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