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It was just like a dream. Perhaps it was due to lack of sleep that caused my motor imbalance or temporary loss of visual acuity. Maybe it was just my heels or the slippery stair handles. Who knows!

What I know is that my feet did not reach the 4th step of the staircase. In a split second all I heard were echoes and voices. The words were not clear, while I felt myself falling slowly and everything turning into a blur. I tumbled and rolled like a falling log. I remembered thinking that this is not happening. This could not be real!

But it was.

And soon as I hit the ground it all went clear. I saw the floor, the staircase, my things and people all around me. I did not feel anything but my extremely aching legs! Someone tried to pull me up and someone else gave me a tissue. Another one gave me a handkerchief with two ice cubes. A guy gave me a glass of water but I refused to drink.

I was bleeding. My elbows and arms were scratched and my chin was cut. But strangely despite blood coming from these parts of my body, I do not feel them ache. I was saying to myself that I am ok. I feel that I will be ok. But I was worried that I broke my legs because they are so painful that every other wound were numb.

One of my friends asked me where it hurts and I pointed on my legs. She attempted to roll my pants up but I refused. I was afraid to show them because I know I was bleeding badly.

A few minutes more and my ride will come and get me I said. Then I will go straight to the hospital.

They all said I should have a check up right away. I said I was fine. I even joked about bouncing like a ball and that if I were skin and bones my bones are all broken by now.

My friend told me that I should take a rest tonight and not report for work or else she will get mad at me. I said I will if I can and I need to go to work tonight. It's been almost 4 months since I was last on leave and I wanted to finish this month with a clean record.

I guess some goals are meant to not be reached.

To be continued...


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