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So I returned to the hospital for a follow-up check up. My knees are feeling better and my wounds are not that painful anymore. The problem is, I still can't walk straight and one of my foot aches every time I step using it. Maybe it's because of the swollen muscles and veins. But it was just my speculation, and in cases like this that is not advisable.

I went to consult the doctor about it and ask when I can go back to work. But before jumping into conclusions, he looked at my x-rays. A dozen shots of my bones were placed on his lighted plate apparatus as if we were viewing a slideshow. He rechecked all by doing another round. He joked about my bones as being "xeroxed" and said that of all the xrays they did to me, the ER missed on a vital part. My toes.

In going over one xray at a time, I noticed a couple of blurry circles below my ribs. It was round as a coin to not notice so I asked him. The doc said that it was just air. And the solution to get rid of that was to ... yes... fart! Ha!

Since I have a swollen foot, he needs to see if I broke any bone on my toes too. He's jolly disposition made me less nervous for another round or radiation. He even went far as to say that he will scold the x-ray people about missing out on a vital part. And as he placed it "like going to a party and missing out on the celebrant". lol... that was kinda creepy but funny.

So I went down to the Radiology Department to have my foot "xeroxed" (as to what my doctor said). They took 2 shots, one sideways, and one facing down. The position I was told to hold made my leg ache. I knew something is still wrong with my muscles. After that, we went back to my doctor's clinic but he was not there. The secretary said that he went to an emergency surgery as one of his teenage patients had a motorcycle accident.

So I waited. And waited. And waited... It took almost 2 hours! I can actually return the next day but I have to know if I broke my toes. And I need to know if I can go to work or not.

A few snacks later, he arrived and checked my new xrays. His disposition was different now, compared to hours ago, and he was not smiling. I thought it was serious. But he said there were not fractures. Pfew! He knows the stress and weird sleeping habits of people who works in call centers so he advised to take a few more days of rest until the swollen muscles subsides. He then gave me the prescriptions and the medical certificate.

So 5 more days at home. No work and no play. Oh well... better follow the doctors orders.


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