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And so the payslips came in yesterday. Complaints from the Sup in another campaign and his agents were spreading. Apparently, they were not paid on a weekend that they came in. And the Sup announced a 2k deduction. So... he was being paid 2k per day then. And his Team Lead confirmed that he was also deducted 1.4k. All these were announced on their bay. But of course, I heard it way back here in mine.

Another rant aside, yes, I am being paid less and almost half lower than the other Team Lead. And I was promoted a year before he was. I guess seniority doesn't count. Unfortunately, Hard Work and Skills do not count either. And what does then?

And speaking of seniority, our dear boss is not around too. The canceled Management dinner was never discussed in any meeting yesterday. Oh well.

Strangely, I'm thinking of pizza pasta and pesto. I wonder why. seven, make that two minutes to go before break time. Good. I'm starving...


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