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Sometimes it's not just ego that keeps people from asking questions to things they don't know. It's also their determination to solve it or find the answers by themselves.

But when one already consumes too much time in trying to resolve something and still nothing works, it's time to swallow that ego. And if one is really determined to resolve that issue, there's nothing wrong in asking others.

Just like today, while I'm busy in my bay checking on the agents, the Sup from the other campaign approached me. He appeared to be confused and frustrated with an excel file sent to him. He asked me how come the columns in A to F were not showing and only G and the rest appears. I told him to "unhide" it and he claimed he tried it several times and it still did not work. He wants me to go to his desk and check it out.

But to avoid leaving my team under no supervision, (not that they can't work without one, but its just too simple for me to go over at the other end of the room to show some hidden columns) I went to my desk to show him the "trick".

I opened a sample excel file from my pc and showed him how to "unhide" the columns. He then repeated that that is what he did but it did not work. So I told him that if it's not hidden, the columns are just on freeze. I showed how to unfreeze by clicking alt+w+f. I know for a fact that shortcuts confuse him so I did that on purpose. lol But as he was not leaving my side, I got the hint that he was not able to follow. What the heck, so I just clicked "windows" + "Unfreeze". Then! That's the time he said "ahhh! I know now! Thanks! It took me an hour to figure it out!"

Uhm. You figured it out? O...kaaaay.

So I just said "Yeah, nice huh" and stapled my mouth shut and excused myself before I laugh out loud.


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