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Today I made another blog for a colleague. So that sums up to 7 blogs created for co-workers. And three of which are just for one person. Two are not being updated anymore and... oh wait! I made 3 more which are not being updated too since the owners have resigned from the company. Maybe they made "secret blogs" which I was not made aware of? Aha... hmm...

Okay, so the grand total is actually 10. Yes a whopping TEN original blogger designs! All linked to my former art blog. (Well, I scratched the "former" coz I was in hiatus there for months but am now trying to post at least once a month.)
So what if that blog has a 4 Pagerank? I don't even care about those and funny how others desperately want a Pagerank of 4 or above.

Due to the popularity (*ehem*) of that blog, suddenly I just wanna drop it off. Hot like a bomb. lol... I don't know but sometimes I crave for anonymity. My boyfriend doesn't even know this blog yet. Well I am planning to tell him... soon. I know he won't mind. But I also know that he would tell me to avoid being "too personal". He is a private person, of course, and he would not like it if his family finds out his blog too.

Strangely, for me, since there are "real people" who knows my Art blog (Ha! I make it sound as if I have more blogs!) I really do not care anymore if my family finds and read it. Who would like to dig up old posts about me anyway? That blog dates back to 2004 and my first entries were dark and "gothic" (if I am allowed to use that word).

Oh well.

Anyhoo, here's a cute personality quiz I just took up at blogthings:

You Are 86% Addicted to the Internet

The internet is your life - seriously.

You spend so much time online, you should be a dot com millionaire!

Uhuh. Yeah right..


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