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I woke up earlier than usual today. I checked my phone and there were no messages. So it seems that despite the rain, our management meeting will push through. So I got up and prepared.

On my way to the restaurant, the big boss sent me a text message, asking if we still want to push through. WHAT??!! After a few seconds he sent another message and said that the meeting is canceled because of the rain. We will talk about the re-sched on a meeting tonight at work.

Two Points:

(1) We can have a meeting at work all along. Why the trouble in a restaurant? What's so confidential about it? Or is it one of those "bonding" things he wants to have amongst us?

(2) Since when does rain affect meetings? It's not like there is a storm or flood. It's just an ordinary rain, and let me remind you that we are in a tropical country!

Update: We just received our payslips today.


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