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Maybe it's fate's way of saying that I should take a break from all the stress at work. Maybe it's also a blessing in disguise that something more terrible would have happened if it wasn't for that fall.

I grew up believing that everything happens for a reason. Everything in this world is connected. Although this time, I don't know. I'm not sure if what happened to me applies. But do I really need to ask?

Today I asked my bosses about the insurance from work since the accident happened at the building of my office. Unfortunately, one of them replied and said they have talked about it and "technically, it was not within the company's premises" he said.

What?! So there are no guarantees for safety?

I spoke with my family about this and my mom got frustrated. She said that they shouldn't meddle since they are not the ones who will actually pay me. It won't come from my bosses' pockets. My sister also said that it is by law that whatever happens to an employee even after working hours, even after he left the premises, as long as he has not reached his house yet, the company is liable. Unless of course, the employee goes wandering about in other locations like a mall or something. As long as that is the daily route of the employee, it is still covered.

Laws in countries differ of course and the ignorance of the law excuses no one. But I searched for this over the net and found nothing. So best thing is to ask the doctors and consult with my parents who knows people from government institutions.

For now, I haven't really decided yet on what to do. What I'm focusing more is on recovery and taking my medications on time. I really like to go to work soon and need too! But it's always nice to take some breather once in a while...


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