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Not that I am complaining too much. I am just complaining "a little". LOL

But its really a buzz here in almost every corner of each room. People are discreetly talking about it and nobody admits out in the open.

Last payday, we were delayed by a bank holiday and on the opening of classes, some agents with children do not have money at hand and over the weekend. Today, I was surprised by the news that we already have pay!

Everyone was expecting to receive their salaries on Monday since it is the 15th of the month, but just 2 days after the cut off, the money is already in. Strange. So, they can finish it in 2 days all along.

But there is a catch. We do no have the payslips yet.

*Apologies for the blasphemous photo above. If anyone is offended, please go over and visit the FSM aka Flying Spaghetti Monster.


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