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If you live in Manila, you would know what "traffic" really means. Traffic is part of my everyday life. But since I work at night, I do not experience traffic, I see it on the other lane.

While everyone else goes to work, I am on the other side, in a fast cab looking at how the cars are moving like turtles. And when everyone else are heading home, I am on the faster lane going to where they have been.

But it's on holidays like Father's Day that you experience "human traffic". And if you were out yesterday with the family to celebrate Father's Day, you would know what I mean.

It was my first time to visit SM Marikina. And since my job asks me to sleep during the day, the only time I can go to malls and other recreational facilities are during weekends.

We first went to Burgoo, but it was impossible to get a seat. Then we went to Max's and I tried to reserve a table for us but we were given the 10th place. At Gerry's was no big difference as we were in line too at 11th. Old Spaghetti House was just across Max's and we were at 3rd. I voted for that but my siblings protested and said the place was too small. I wondered, we are only gonna take up one table so what if its small, the food is great anyway? But of course, majority wins! And we ended up waiting the first 9 tables to be given at Max's.

It's always nice to spend time with my family as I seldom see them. I arrive home when most of them have left or about to leave then I leave home when either they aren't home yet or are already asleep. They never really complain but I know I have been missing alot because of this. I guess being the only one in the family who works at night isolates me sometimes. But it's not all disadvantage though. The good thing is... hmm... well.. hmm... uhh... what? let me think and post about it later. LOL


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