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I simply can't believe it! Our new healthcard ID's just came in with the handbooks and list of accredited hospitals. But to my surprise, my hospital is not in the list!!!

WHAT?? And we are not talking about just a regular hospital, but one of the top ones in the country too!! Geesh! What kinda card is this??

All my doctors are from this certain hospital and all my relatives go here too, as this is the only one we trust and feel comfy with. I basically won't get lost there and I know the major clinics too! Our old card is affiliated there, and that is the hospital I was rushed to, when I had an accident. We were doing fine with the old card, my brother's office even have the same provider.

Waah! And I have an appointment with my dentist next month! Now since the hospital is not accredited, I doubt if any doctor from there would be.

So a colleague asked me what's all the fuss, I can just reimburse what I paid. Yeah Right! And as if that won't take weeks if not months(!) to get!

Oh well, nothing else to do but sign it, accept it, and just move on with my life, hoping that I won't need to go to a hospital for a year (or at least when they change providers).


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