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I would tolerate chitchatting over sleeping anytime! And this, I am pertaining to the Agents at my work and not myself. Boy, do I love to sleep instead of work at night! Although I do not see myself doing anything else other than what I'm doing in my current job. As of the moment. *wink*

And you know what they say, "you gotta love what you do to have to do it every day."

And sleeping over chatting? Well, wake up calls from the love of my life would not ruin any beauty sleep for me. I just hope I can immediately pull myself up easier like years ago. I think I'm just getting old.

Anyway, in connection with chitchatting, here, I added a new blog feature. The Cbox! (short for chatbox) where a quick message can be dropped anytime! Although I would recommend leaving a comment on a blog post if the message is pertaining to a certain post.

So let's see in the coming days if passersby just look and click by. I just promise this, if you leave a comment (be it at a post or the CBox, I will surely visit your blog too!)

Check out my new ChitChat Box over at my sidebar and say Hi!


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