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First day back at work. And boy am I in for a surprise or what?!

When I sat down my desk, my chair was awkwardly high, papers on my desk were disarranged and posts on my cork board were misaligned. Some of my colored pens were missing as well as my masking tape! Hmm, maybe they will surface later, I thought.

Soon as I tried to log-in on my PC, my password was not being accepted. After several attempts, typing it slow or double clicking the Caps Lock and Num Lock were useless. So I called for assistance, and I learned that they reset my PC to the default password. Oh well. I'm still all smiles.

But then, when I tried to open my email, my password was not being accepted again. And after another call for assistance, they do not know what caused this and they can't access my email too. So they resorted to reset my password to the default key once more.

But boy, that didn't stop there.

So I was able to log-in on my PC, read my mails, sent some replies, deleted the useless "reply to all" mails from people who I do not know why they need to CC their replies to me and all the other spam crap...

I thought the first phase of my day was over, but no. When my boss asked me to call a customer with a long list of complaints, I need to request him to email us the list of his complaints so it will be dealt with "quickly".

But when I went to my desk and checked my Bookmarks Menu to log-in the CS email, all my bookmarks were gone! Now, since I haven't opened the CS email for weeks I tried to remember what's the link to the domain. And of course, I just need to go back a few months on my work inbox to see the client's email. He gave me the url and the password to use before.



Oh wow! My inbox ONLY contains mails from April 2009 onwards!

My boss does not know the password! Apparently, he does not have a copy of that email too.

The client is not answering her phone!

Then suddenly, somebody was caught sleeping!

It's my job to catch these people but since I was so busy with the email thingy, I was not able to switch on my eyes at the back of my head! Then the boss called on me and the other team lead (who was on break during the time the agent was asleep).

To make the long story short, the email is not the priority. The agents are. So, I dropped the case and didn't call the customer and just sat next to the agents and listened to their calls.

End of shift. I went home. Checked and sent personal mails, and my honey replied to me saying:

Please dont get too stressed or too angry ok you cant make up in
one day when you where not there for two weeks and nobody can't expect that too. So just try to be calm.

Okay... *sigh* I would do that now. On to Adgitize! LOL

It's always good to have someone to breathe in with the things that frustrate you...


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