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One sunny morning, amidst a flourishing forest of figs,
a bunny came hopping~ beneath the due drops of the trees.

Poor tired bunny
skipping hopping passing by,
thinking dreaming of her cozy burrow
beneath the green grassy fields where she could lie.

A night of digging carrots
for her baby kits waiting at home
talking to other rabbits from far across the globe.

While on her way to her borrow
poor tired little bunny
slip slide down a hole!
And broke her chin and broke her toe!

But oh scary big rabbits!
from the carrot digging fraw
do not wanna help o'ur -
poor tired little Zoe!

And Zoe the bunny went bleeding sobbing
to hug her little kits.
As sun down and sun up
and countless night of sore passed by so quick.

"I cannot lay here and do nothing!"
thought the poor weary little bunny,
so off she went back to the forest
the flourishing forest of figs!

She went there and peeped
almost begging sincerely asking
for the carrots that is rightfully hers
and hers only for keeps.

Alas! The scary big rabbits!
outside the carrot digging hole
was waiting for her to knock on
their doors made of stone.
They kicked her out because of her
broken chin and broken toe!

You are of no use to us anymore!

So they grab her neck they grab her ears
and they hold her til her death.

And poor tired little bunny was nowhere to be heard of since then.

~THE END (?)~

"The Tale of the rabbit who was deprived of hopping"
original story written, © Miss Zee, 09.10.09
Dedicated to a Fierce Rabbit named F.R.G.


Nice story. I enjoy reading it.
Haven't tried to compose a story as I only do poems.

I pity the little bunny.

Thanks Vlad! I do write poems too but it's been months since I last did.. (or was it years) anyway, glad you enjoyed reading...

Oh poor lil rabbit! You know most rabbits are very gentle creatures, they don't like noise and they get easily stressed. Plus, their bones are not very sturdy. If you hold a rabbit by its ears, and drop them it's very possible that their spine will break. So, I feel so sorry that Zoe broke her chin and toe!

I really enjoyed this story, obvious ba? Keep on writing Miss Zee...:D

Oh I really enjoy reading your comments too! I just saw them now as I opened my gmail. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I see I have more to read too. Now I "hop" on over to your blog..

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