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I don't think it's the server at work. But earlier today, the site works. I was even able to drop some cards. Strangely, soon as I tried to logged in a few minutes ago, I am redirected to this page:

The widget is working fine though. Is Entrecard down? When will they come back? What will happen with our credits?

I hope this is just a glitch.


I hope today's drops won't be lost like in the past when they've had problems. I've just finished mine for today :-(

Do people still us entrecard? I have one site with the widget but finding other sites to run ads on is difficult and I don't get very much traffic (1 click a week) when I do run ads.

John - Oh my! They lost some credits before? Gee and I don't know how much I have. It's thousands! ;-(

Rev - (hope its ok I call you Rev... anyway I'm just a new user of EC so I'm still active. But times like these I doubt if I would stay long... I only reached 300 drops a day once and haven't collected the money they promised. Anyway, it's only a dollar per 1,000...

Yeah, it is down. I twitted about it too..

Btw, also passing by to inform you and your readers that this blog won a couple of awards for simply being lovely!


EC was sold already. Maybe this is one of the reason why they have this error.

Just my thoughts

WOOAH Daisy! Thank you for such cool awards! I would definitely post them!

Vlad - Oh I didn't know that! Well it's up and working now and I think my credits are safe. Hope it won't be commercialized too much like Blog Explosion. The love was gone after it was sold too.

Very-Very Nice & beautiful Website

Keep it up

AruN Sharma

Why, thank you Arun! Do you happen to have an English blog? I can't seem to decipher yours. ^.-

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