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While everyone in the States are having a "blast", away from work, out for the weekend with the family or having BBQ's and watching fireworks with some friends, some people are stuck at work and are obliged to work.

I just learned from one of my colleagues that they were required to work over the weekend and continue calling. We don't normally work on a weekend and usually, during the 4th of July, we do not either. But strangely, this year, we do. Maybe this is the "storm" that I mentioned on my other post. And I feel a bit guilty that I am not there to support them. Well, we don't really celebrate America's Independence here in the Philippines and to work on a weekend is ok. But I can now just imagine the irate people who receives their calls on a holiday such as these! Well I can't say that the bosses do not know that, they are living there!

What would hurt me though is that, after my substitute sends out his reports to them, he gets an automatic response from the client saying "Thank you for the email but I am away for the weekend... blah blah". Ouch! And just a reminder, that last Philippine Independence Day, we also have to work!

So here I am waiting for an sms from my local boss if he would require me or even ask me if I can report for work on Sunday night. But lol who am I kidding? He did not even ask me how I am doing and what happened to me. Duh.

Should I text them and volunteer? Well if I do they might accuse me of just being there coz its an overtime pay and not a change of work schedule. And where am I the whole week?

Oh well... as the running gag with my brother and I goes... when he asks "Who cares?" I always reply: "The care bears!"

So for those who required people to come to work while they sit on their houses eating BBQ and watching fireworks, I wish them:

Something to ponder upon:
“Life without liberty is like a body without spirit.” - Kahlil Gibran


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