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This week, I lack sleep. And I was looking forward to this weekend to catch up with the hours that my body needed to rejuvenate. Unfortunately, that is not possible.

Yesterday, after our 2-hour overtime, I just got home to take a quick shower and went straight to meet my sister. We met near her work and ate lunch in a Japanese resto. I was not in the mood for raw fish (was I ever though?) so I just went for a tempura and asparagus wrapped in bacon. It was a fine lunch that ended up with a blizzard ice cream from DQ. Then we went to met her doctor.

It was a nice day with my sis, but my left arm is still heavy from the vaccine yesterday afternoon. My sister's doctor is offering a discount on the HPV (Cervical Cancer). So we got our shots and the next will be a month from now then the last one will be on January of next year.

Last night my team had to work but I was required to come in today with them. Good thing coz I don't wanna work while my arm is aching. But when I got home the night passed by so quickly that the sleep I had felt it was not enough. We woke up early to help out with my brother's party.

Today was a busy day and I wanted to skip the party and sleep, but my family requested me to help out. I had no choice but to go. And I was only able to sleep at 5:00 to 7:30pm.

Wow, 2 and a half hours and I do not feel sleepy at all! I really wonder how I survived this for the past 4 years and if I can still in the coming years.


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