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One of my colleges was brought to the hospital just now because he vomited blood. His wife was excused and given permission to go with him. They are both my friends and I pray that he will be okay. I hope that it's nothing serious. Please pause for a few seconds to pray for him too....


Aw. I really hope that everything will be fine. I hope that he get well soon.

No news yet as of the moment. I sent them a text message on their cellphone and no reply. I'm really hoping he's okay.

Thanks for your visit. Have a nice friday. Greetings from Austria.



Hi there Moni! Thank you for visiting as well! 8)

That is absolutely horrible and inhumane? Wasn't there news two days ago that a kid died because he also was not entertained by the hospital.

It's a difficult issue really because we do understand that hospitals have to earn too but to turn away a patient who is vomiting blood? Appalling indeed!

Some hospitals do not accept people who can't pay or where they are not sure of the patient's health card indeed. Heatless! And not to mention absolutely unprofessional!

I haven't heard from my friends this weekend though I hope everything's okay.

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