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If you're from Manila, you may have noticed various flags since yesterday. And as the SONA comes near, a few more may be seen, not to mention on the day of the SONA itself.

Today, as I was riding a cab on my way home, I heard the news on the radio that Cory Aquino's cancer has reached the 4th stage and may say goodbye to all living things soon. The hospital where she is confined, Makati Medical Center, as well as nearby places, is filled with yellow flags and banners. This is to show support for the Aquino family that they are not alone in praying for Cory.

On Monday, Commonwealth Avenue will be filled with banners and flags as protesters and activist groups carrying them will walk the long road until they reach the Batasang Pambansa. All because of the SONA or State of the Nation Address by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

But the SONA is not the only event on Monday that will fill the long avenue. It is also Iglesia ni Cristo Day. This is in celebration of the 95th founding anniversary of INC.

It is always super traffic during these two days, so just imagine a combination of both events! Tssk!

But speaking of "combination", since everytime there is a SONA, it is declared a Special Non-Working Holiday and should be "double pay", and the INC Day is also a Special Working Holiday and should also be "double pay". Do we get 4x pay on July 27 then?



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