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...she lays down and think. Little sheep jumping over the fence. Growing with each jump. One grows up with a colored fur, few grew up with glasses. A couple more with tin foils on their mouths. One jumps in glee with a crown, and the other a scarf and a tiara. Ten. Ten sheep moving about.

TEN. Ten and a half hours of the day spent at work. An hour for traveling. Half an hour for walking. An hour for bathing and fixing yourself. Four to Five hours of sleep. One and a half hours of thinking or writing or reading a book or all three, a couple more hours for blogging. An hour of eating divided into three. Half an hour to keep your room or house tidy. An hour to talk to your friends or family, or a stranger. Sum it up, 24.

Have you done something good for yourself today? Have you done something good for others today? Is it true that how you spend your day would reflect how you spend your life?

Here's one last thought to ponder upon:
"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give." ~ Winston Churchill


Interesting thoughts. It is always making sure that we spent the day doing things not just for ourselves but also for other people.

Thanks Czaroma! I almost thought I just needed sleep after posting this. But I agree with you that we should also think of other people.

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