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I was commissioned a couple of weeks ago to make a blog for one of our campaigns at work. There were three conditions. I am not "technically" under the payroll of this campaign, as they call me their "freelance" designer. Unfortunately, the second condition, since it seems to be just a favor, the compensation will come in soon as it becomes a success.

So, IF it doesn't, then all efforts are useless. Well, uhm, not really 'coz the third condition is, I can do whatever I want as long as I coordinate with their campaign's team lead. And he is the one who will maintain it. That's a plus since their team lead may be more techie than me, but I am more knowledgeable about the blogsphere and blog codings. So I can add google adsense there. I can even add Adgitize and/or Entrecard if I wish too. I just hope the blog won't be considered as Spam by others. It's as Legit as this. Only, less personal.

I was excited at first but dismayed as well especially when I learned of the second condition. I would love to take the risk but I am being rushed. I have a vacation coming soon so I need to finish it before I go. Also, because we have a tight deadline in my own campaign, I am always just too tired to even face the computer soon as I get home. I feel like I do not have enough time.

I still have major planning and packing to do. Family events and medical appointments to attend to. And SLEEP! Not to mention, attend to my blogs!

Ahrg! Don't forget my books that I need and want to read, my paintings... well there are artworks in my head that can't be realized on actual paint yet too.

No wonder my boyfriend said to me last night that I "would work myself to death" at the rate I am now.

So the vacation is just so perfect! I need to pause and breathe fresh air. I need to detach myself from all these or else it will consume me and eat me whole!

I need to get in touch with my brain's right hemisphere. And most especially, my heart.


Good Job !! you're a hardworker freelancer, i did too, i bid many job and i got jobsick coz of that flooding my job, hope i will have retired earlier and younger, i plan to make a team work after i have much money, and make a corporate, but i still got my vacation on weekend.
Keep moving my friend !!

i forgot one think.
me and my indonesia blogger friens said :

Hi there Zee.. this is late I know, but it's only now that I had the luxury of time to blog hop :)


Make or Break

hardworker..me too.
my life is for working and working..i don't care about anything

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