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Here's something to get my mind off from work. Got this cool idea from Terri and I just had to play along! Its so FUN! You gotta try it!

Type in "[your name] needs" in the Google search
Zee needs to be inside a rap institution (WTF! No I don't! That'll make me more crazy!)

"[your name] looks like"
Zee. Looks like a big mess. (Teehee)

"[your name] wants"
Zee wants it dry. (Erm... do I?)

"[your name] does"
Zee does a U-turn, seeks government OK for bundling. (lol, I don't even drive! Or does this mean another thing?)

"[your name] hates"
Zee hates her long nails (so that's why I bite them all off!)

"[your name] asks"
Zee asks when the time might come to give up on the planet (In fact, I am a member of Greenpeace.)

"[your name] likes"
Zee likes sticking her tongue out at photographers! (LOL! So true! Ask my boyfriend who shots my every move! Worse than a paparazzi!)

"[your name] eats"
Zee Eats The Meaty Bone. (ooOOOHHHhhhoo?!?)

"[your name] wears"
Zee, wears hot ticket items from crop tops and aggressive cuffs to sexy pantsuits (sexy pantsuits? Ha! How I wish...)

"[your name] was arrested for"
Zee was arrested for murder (And it is the only google hit! Geee..)

"[your name] loves"
Zee Loves Ham and others you may know. (Here comes the "meat" thingy again! Erm, and what "others"?)

If you give this one a try, I'd love to read it. Leave me a link in the comments.
This was fun!


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