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Every guidebook repeats - travel light! A mound of luggage marks you as an amateur traveler, which also becomes a tremendous burden. My tip: bring along less than you can carry, because you will add things up along the way. It's 99% sure!

But before you go in a panic frenzy, just remember: You always need fewer clothes than you think you will! Have you ever traveled and went back home only to realize that there were shirts, pants and more that were not even worn? Yep. We tend to over-pack!

For the Girls, here's a nice list of the basics that a luggage must include:

    ■ 1 pair of heavy-duty slacks or jeans
    ■ 1 pair slacks or shirt that can be dressed up
    ■ 3 blouses
    ■ 1 sweater
    ■ 1 dress or suit
    ■ 1 jacket or raincoat
    ■ 2 pairs walking shoes
    ■ 1 pair high heels (optional - depending if you foresee yourself attending a dress function)
    ■ 1 nightgown or pajamas
    ■ 1 robe (can be used as bench robe just in case)
    ■ 1 pair slippers
    ■ 1 swimsuit (optional - depending on the climate of the country you will visit, some may even bring this to a cold country if the hotel has an indoor pool or spa)
    ■ 3 changes stockings, socks, underwear

For hand-carry, always bring the stuff you can't afford to lose (money, credit cards, passport, travel documents, mobile phone, your camera and batteries), and extra undies just in case your luggage got lost or left behind somewhere. Toiletries like toothbrush and paste is very essential, a small mouthwash bottle will do the trick too in case you run out of toothpaste. Also place here your deodorant, cologne or perfume, feminine wash, a small soap and shampoo. But be sure not to bring over-sized containers that is used by your whole family at home!

Just bring enough that will last you a few days. You can always buy additional from stores or use the complimentary ones from the hotel you are staying at (unless you plan to bring them home for souvenir ~ lol). And don't forget to put all your liquids in a resealable plastic. Some airports have this rule as mandatory and it is also for your own good. Believe me.

Helpful Tips for the type of clothes:

Vary the materials according to the season and destination. And because the Philippines is a tropical country, first time travelers outside the PH tend to underestimate what "cold weather" means. I learned this hard way! 2 degrees is way way too cold! For those who visited Baguio City (usually the temp there is 10-18 degrees), you may say that it feels like there is a giant air con outdoors! But when you go to a below 5 degrees country, it feels like you are in a giant FREEZER!

And so I am reminded each time an agent complains that the air conditioning in our office is too cold, it is NOTHING compared to what "cold" really means. The key is read about the country you will visit before going.

Anyways, for summer, bring cotton, linen or light wool. A sundress with a light jacket is enough.

For Winter: heavy wool, warm coat, a suit or even ski clothes (preferably padded). You need a hat or bonnet, or a cap without a wide brim for windy weather.

That's it. I think that would be enough. Don't be tempted to bring double of the amount above. I read on The Independent Women's Guide to Europe by Linda White, that "one week's supply of clothing will get you through three months". Well, maybe three weeks for me, but still you don't need to bring one piece of clothing for each day! (Despite what your mother says). Just make sure to keep the clothes clean! So don't forget to bring a few sachets of washing powder.

All these will save you a few bucks that can be used for fine food or even shopping!!


Oh and don't forget to bring a silk or wool scarf, pashmina, or a sarong. Aside from making you look more fab, it will help protect you (and your throat) in cold weather.

Look here : http://www.overstock.com/Clothing-Shoes/Scarves-Wraps/955/cat.html

Thanks for visiting my blog and enjoy your vacation!!!

Oh cool! Thanks for the link! I do have a few scarfs but never thought of wearing them in different styles like on this site! And I also love the batik scarf I just bought!

You're welcome!

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