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(Cory: Goodbye and farewell!)

Not many knew that she was an artist and fluent in French. After her first year in High School, she was sent overseas to study in Ravenhill Academy in Philadelphia and New York schools, Notre Dame Convent School and the College of Mount Saint Vincent. She studied liberal arts and graduated in 1953 with a Bachelor of Arts in French Language, with a minor in mathematics. She intended to become a math teacher and language interpreter. [read more at wikipedia]

Too bad I only found one of her paintings online, from zippylemon.

One of her latest works fetched 600,000 Php at a charity auction for breast cancer patients but I'm not sure if that is the painting above. In an interview in 2008, she mentioned that she planed to go back to painting immediately “when I return to my home on Times St., where my studio is.”

How I wish I could see her other works. I'm afraid I have seen (and the numbers will add soon) more museums outside the Philippines than here. Tsk! And I still long to see in real life Juan Luna's Spolarium! Strangely, the National Museum is always closed everytime we go there.

So this ends my 5 consecutive days of blogging for Cory. I'd rather do this than blog about Micheal Jackson...

I wish that when I get old I can say this too:

"Don’t worry, I have lived a full life... I cannot ask for more." ~ Cory Aquino


here's the email you've been waiting for... http://gmx.com/

LOL spammer? hmmm...

I hear that her children would renovate their Times St. home and when finished, it will include a gallery of her memorabilia. I really want to see her paintings and the various items she painted on like handbags, fans and mugs. :D

Oh that would be awesome! Turn it into a museum? I'd bring my bf there when he visits the PH! Thanks for the info I'll look out for it in the news!

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