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Above is part of my luggage last year. Too bad, this year I cannot take a photo coz my digicam is broke. I planned to buy a new one before I leave, but my bf told me that we should just buy there since it is cheaper. At first I was hesitant but we could use some extra cash for something else indeed.

I will start packing tomorrow soon as I get home after work. Then on Sunday, I will buy other essential things I need to bring (including the pasalubong for him and his family):

    ■ coffee beans (preferably barako)
    ■ cashew nuts (aka kasoy)
    ■ dried mangoes
    ■ zip lock plastic bags (for liquid containers, mandatory for airport inspection)
    ■ luggage fabric freshener (I forgot what it's called, but it looks like a fabric or strong tissue that can be used in your washing machine's spin dry, placed in a cabinet or bag)
    ■ Philippine History Book (I need to find the best author! I'm not sure if Teodoro Agoncillo was the one I bought him before, or was it Zaide?)

Well, I'm about to sleep now and I know I have a longer list in my head. I can't think now but I will update later if I remember what other "things" I need to buy.

Hmm... I planned to have a haircut too but I think we have an OT tonight. So I guess I'd be too tired when I get home to deal with my long messy hair. Ha!



lol wish i could do that with my feet when im driving! the cloud hearts are cute

Strange.. I think these comments are for my other post.. But, Stacie it was actually my birthday. 8)

@Tina - yeah lovely huh...

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