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I can't believe how time flies! I have started packing my luggage and writing my list of things to bring, to do and to buy. In a few days I'll be on hiatus at the blogsphere to travel outside the country.

Maybe I'll post a few photos when I get back. But one thing's for sure, I need to decide if I buy that 0% interest on a new digicam. Or should I buy it at the airport to avail it tax free? Then I won't be able to take a photo like this on my way out of the country...


Woah... my long awaited vacation is finally here.
Honey! See you soon!

photo credit: "Aeroplane sunset" by sincerely


Wow. I'm sure you'll have a great time on your vacation. Looking forward to see the pics.

Take care and enjoy

LOL, thanks Vlad! I can't wait... 8)

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