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What ever happened to the Swine Flu or A (H1N1)? Last update from the Department of Health was last July 9th.

According to the Department, as far as the geographic profile of the 1,709 cases reported in the Philippines as of June 27, 2009, the National Capital Region has the most number of patients: comprising 72% (1,225). Cases from NCR mostly came from Quezon City, Manila, Parañaque, Pasig and Makati. Ouch!

Strangely, I have yet to meet a person who has or have recovered from this disease.

They also stated that, as of June 29, the virus has recorded 70,893 cases worldwide, with 311 deaths from 109 reporting countries.

Here's the breakdown of cases from the WHO, as of as of 6 August 2009:


Cumulative total

as of 6 Aug 2009



WHO Regional Office for Africa (AFRO)



WHO Regional Office for the Americas (AMRO)



WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean (EMRO)



WHO Regional Office for Europe (EURO)

over 32000


WHO Regional Office for South-East Asia (SEARO)



WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific (WPRO)






*Given that countries are no longer required to test and report individual cases, the number of cases reported actually understates the real number of cases.

Yikes! Europe! My oh my oh My!

So in just 8 days, 311 deaths jumped to 1,462! So that is like 1,151 deaths in just 8 days! That's about 144 per day and oh... 0.757 per country per day. Erm... Ok not really something to panic about if you really look into it. Not even one person a day pass away from 190 countries.

Pfew! Ok, so I know there are no food supplements, vitamins or vaccines that cure or treat A (H1N1). But having a Flu shot can prevent other kinds of influenza.

Tomorrow, I'm getting my 2nd shot of the cervical cancer vaccine (also called the Human Papillomavirus or HPV vaccine). So I'm thinking if I should also get a Flu Shot too. What do you think?


You should get the flu jab for precautions. Also, take vitamin c, 1 tablet(1000 mg) daily as it helps build body resistance / immune system.

Thanks for the tip Anne! I would do take vitamins daily during my trip! As for the shots, I'm still thinking over it. I have about 2 weeks to decide.

You are welcome Zee. Have a happy trip :)

I know it will be awesome! Thanks! 8)

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