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I ask myself "Why am I not chained to my desk?" The clock is ticking and we haven't met the quota with Project A yet and Project B's numbers aren't pretty as well.

The problem is, I need to constantly man the floor and walk around to catch agents who are slacking off, agents who cannot control their droopy eyes and do not pursue their calls.

Most of them feel the pressure, but I must admit, not everyone has the same level of dedication. Motivation is one factor but it is not the Only key.

I also need to give them the leads they need, and the ones that came from the client has to be cleaned thoroughly.

The overtime last weekend made me realize that when the client gives me a set of leads, it needs to be COUNTIF'ed with the leads given by my boss or else, there would be a major dupe dilemma! And who would want to call people who were already somebody else's SALE?! Never assume that the bosses check everything with the client, even if that is their job!

I was asked by a colleague, How do I "keep my composure and smile despite of all the stress?"

By being positive!

Honestly, I like this kinda pressure. Especially if tons of excel sheets are spread in front of me. It livens me up and the rush is just great! I know it sounds weird but I would rather have this than to have nothing else to do. This is beneficial to the brain too! LMAO!

And the best part is, once the outcome makes the client and bosses happy, there's a great sense of accomplishment and thrill that envelopes your being. Sometimes though, even if there were no compliments, just the thought and feeling of doing something nobody else can, or attempted, or did without whining, is simply satisfying!


I admire the way you handle the pressure. Not many people can do the job you do, or even attempt to do it. It's also a matter of attitude, competencies, personality/temperament.

Swerte mga agents mo not just because you care enough NOT to hand them rehashed leads. But also because your calm & positive attitude on the job will surely rub off on them. I believe that setting a good example is the best way to motivate and inspire people.

It's so refreshing to hear someone writing about thriving in a call center environment inspite of the challenges and the pressures. Naalala ko tuloy lagi sinasabi sa kin ng sup ko before, "it's not what you do, it's who you become in the process." :D

Good luck on all the extra efforts you'll have to exert during this time. I hope everything would become in favor to your side :) after this, give yourself a treat by relaxing for a change. :)

@Pinaybackpacker - thank you so much for this beautiful comment. I read this at work in between checking work emails and personal mails and it really made me giggle! I guess that's why I love posting on the net in anonymity, people give comments without being judgmental. I also like your sup's quote. And let me leave that thought to my agents as well before I leave for my vacation. Something for them to ponder upon indeed!

@Bailey Baretto - aww.. that's very thoughtful! Thanks and I know I'd have a great time on my trip, and I am confident that my agents can survive while I'm gone. lol

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