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Don't you just hate it when a band / artist name was "almost" copied by somebody else who do not even share the same genre?


I do.

Meet the British band that I loved since my college years...

The Sundays

Please listen to them at MYSPACE or Playlist.com
Read about them at WIKIPEDIA and ROLLINGSTONE.com

And a decade later, here comes a bunch of Spice Girls-wannabees. Not that I care if some quartet would like to be spin-offs of the Spice Girls. But why oh WHY on earth would a girly group name themselves NOW... urgh! "The Saturdays"!?!??! WTF! Don't tell me "they didn't know"!

Oh, apologies to people like JACQ, who posted a vid of them - where I first read and saw...

I'm just venting here. Like duh.

Well people, you be the judge.

Here is where the story ends...


I love the music of the Sundays, and "Static and Silence" is one of my favorite albums by them. It's disappointing to me that they haven't made any more music since then.

If you like the Sundays, try a group called "The Innocence Mission." They have a similar sound and I really enjoy them as much as the Sundays.

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