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The post below was drafted last night. But can anyone guess where I wrote this?
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Yeah, I think you guessed it right! Where am I? I'm at work! Geesh! On a Saturday night!

I previously planned to finally start packing my luggage for my trip but no, it's not possible anymore. Well, not today that is. I have one more weekend to go and Sunday night is still unsure too!

I informed the agents that we might come in on Sunday too. But if I won't get a call or text message from my boss then we won't report for work! That's it. 12 days straight of work, plus the overtime of TWO HOURS A DAY is just too absurd!

Overtime pay you say? I asked the agents and its a unanimous decision that we would rather skip one OT pay for a chance to rest!

We are not robots. We have a LIFE you know!


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