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NOPE. Contrary to popular belief, July 26, 2009 was not a holiday. It was never meant to be a doubly paid day, it was never even intended to be 30% pay. It was just named a "special holiday" for the intention of "commemorating" historical events. The Iglesia Ni Cristo founding and SONA. So if you came to work that day, just like us, it was treated as another ordinary Monday.

And what a Manic Monday it was indeed.

Pay slips and the couple-of-hours-delayed salaries came in today. And to our surprise, (nope, we were not surprised about getting our pay past 7:00pm, but it was not a reason to be happy either) July 26 has no additional pay!

Despite paying the cab driver extra just to try and get you to work on time that day, despite everyone at home staying at home all day and be noisy, preventing you to have a decent sleep, because they do not have school nor work, us CC folks put up with everything else for an Ordinary Day.

Yes, a few emails were passed around and forwarded regarding this matter but the research efforts were discarded. Hours have gone wasted just because of this debate. And energies were worn down until break time.

What's the moral of the story then? The HRD should better inform people whether an announced Holiday on the News would be double, 30%, half, or whatever... on or before the day itself, (or at least be professional enough to make an announcement before the payday) so that hard working people will not expect, and clueless people will not act dumb.


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